lose weight gained from birth control

It’s really depressing to gain weight after having a slim and harmonic body and if you knew that the cause of your gain weight is a contraception method such as paragard it even worst. But if you follow our tips we assure you to get to most curvy and feminine body that you always wanted I’m not exaggerating it’s possible don’t tell me my age don’t allow me to do this or i don’t have time or I have other responsibilities because those are just excuses.
I will not lie to you and say it well be easy and you will get amazing body effortless sorry I’m not a lying commercial. So let’s start and just remove all those gained pounds and defeat paragard weight gain.

First tips to start our program:
These tips you should absolutely do if you are not able to do please don’t keep reading this article and don’t blame anybody expect yourself because those are the keys of health.
First tip: you have to sleep well – sleeping well is to take you 7 to 8 hours of sleep. The best period for sleep is from 22 pm to 6 am. Don’t stay up 23 pm and if you did don’t expect results.
Second tip: Drink enough water about 3 l a day try to separate it to be
1 glass just before brushing your teeth in the morning and before taking breakfast
1 glass before every meal about 15 min and you have to take 5 meals a day not 3.
2 glasses before shower it protect you from heart attack
2 glasses before sleep it protect you from stroke
When you start feeling fatigue drink 2 glasses of water, cause the most common cause of fatigue is dehydration.
Dehydration can cause problems focusing, mental fogginess, impaired short-term memory, dizziness and fatigue.
And the rest you can drink it every time you feel thirstiness.
For people who forget to drink water you can program your alarm clock or you notes to ring to remind.
Third tip: you have to go jogging for 20 min a day to breathe some fresh air.
Fourth tip: you have to watch what you eat more than ever eating 5 kinds of vegetables a day and 2 kinds of fruits.
Fifth tip: workout you can began by 20 min workout.
                                                                  10 burpees

                                                                   20 set ups

                                                                    60 sec plank                                      

                                                               20 push ups (bigenners)

20 side plank dips
                                                                      (10 each side)

And when you get used to the exercises you can do this as many rounds as possible. And make sure you’ll get that perfect body you always desired.
Sixth tip: take supplement if it needs.
Hope that was helpful and keep following our website. The next article will be about diet that you can follow with some healthy and delicious recipies. So keep following as on paragard weight gain